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I started with studies in computer science, 4 years of studies in computer engineering (Systems and Networks). These skills allow me to perfectly understand the specificity of computer tools. I also continued my studies in Business Engineering, which allows me to perfectly understand the business issues of companies.

I finished my studies in 2018 with an MBA in Digital Marketing and e-commerce. All these studies were done in conjunction with a work-study program, allowing me to grasp the reality of today’s business world and to be fully operational. I like theory, it is important but for me. Practice is fundamental and represents real know-how. I have been a freelancer since 2013 in Web marketing and therefore I have acquired a large part of my skills in this field in self-taught.

Professional Life 

As I was saying, I did most of my studies in a work-study program. The company I was working for was an IT editor, specializing in desktop virtualization solutions. The principle is simple: replace the traditional PCs with our centralized management solution. The advantages are numerous for our customers: reduced maintenance, better IT security, CSR approach, simplicity of management, etc.

In parallel to this work, I accompanied my clients in their web projects as a Freelance. I mastered several web marketing techniques such as natural referencing, paid-to-reference (Adwords / Google Ads), and advertising on social networks (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc). I was doing these various missions in the evening and on weekends, during my vacations too.

Like many, when I started on the internet I tried to attract qualified traffic to my sites. The goal is either to get more customers or to attract qualified traffic to your site (for the media, bloggers, and influencers in particular). However, it’s not always easy: a lot of things are said on the web, not everyone agrees and we are quickly overwhelmed.

Fortunately, with time, everything becomes clearer! I did a lot of tests: SEO, Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, and so on … I made a lot of mistakes at the beginning. These mistakes taught me a lot of things. Today, I know what doesn’t work but I also know what does work!

The Blog’s Topics 

Like any passionate person, I like to share. I am lucky to be passionate about my job. So, on this blog, I talk mostly about digital marketing, Growth Hacking, e-commerce, and also IT and new technologies.

Being a web marketing freelancer, I try to share as much advice as possible to other freelancers, mainly from my own experience, but also and especially from other more experienced freelancers.

This is still my blog so I keep the right to publish on topics I like and it may be evolving because … I love learning!


Albert Dawlen, the Free-Minder!

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